"Philly’s Christopher Davis-Shannon is master of all things retro and nostalgic, so much so that The Key’s Megan Cooper has once speculated that he might actually be a visitor from the 1930s. So it comes as no surprise that’s he’s got a hand in Hotsy Totsy, which takes a cue from pop vocal groups from the pre-rock n’ roll era. But the real stars here are Jenny Pilong, Diana Carino and Amanda Brizzi, the three women at the front of the band whose vocal harmonies positively soar. I’m hesitant to use the term “girl group” as a reference point here — to me, that conjures up the narrow and somewhat corny brand of teenage lovesongs popularized in 1950s suburbia; plus, as far as genre titles, it didn’t exactly age well. And this band covers much more sonic territory than just that, from showtunes and vaudeville to jazzy expanses of mystery and vibe a la Bat For Lashes. Bonus number one: listen through for a kitschy cover of metal classic. Bonus number two: since dropping this EP on Halloween, they went ahead and released a holiday single called Snow Day.” ~John Vettese; The Key at WXPN
Mind Your Business - Hotsy Totsy
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